If School Desks Could Speak

by Mirka Christesen

It is entertaining, inspiring, humorous and educational…

What will happen to a high school senior who addresses his teacher as “babe”? With what words did a seventh-grade boy make his teacher lose her cool? What if school desks could speak, what would these silent witnesses of school life’s pulse say?


If School Desks Could Speak offers to readers a glimpse of what occurs in the classrooms based on Christesen’s experiences as a teacher in the United States of America, Germany and The Czech Republic.

This book is a collection of true, humorous and heartening vignettes from the classrooms of middle- and high-school students on both sides of the Atlantic. From being addressed as ‘babe’ to finding a father’s personal item glowing in the dark; from dodging flying spit balls to flying business class; from confiscating student amorous messages to helping a teenage mother cope with an unplanned pregnancy,  these are only a few examples of life in the trenches.

"Christesen met those challenges [educating preteens and adolescents] effectively, displaying  empathy for the emotional and hormonal turbulence her students were experiencing while maintaining control of her classrooms and making her expectations clear. Christesen's combination of a warm heart and a cool head makes this a generally instructive  portrait of what it means - and what it takes - to be a teacher."
- Blueink